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Brand strategy that smoothly translates to marketing. Marketing that’s stronger thanks to your distinctive brand. That’s the synergy you get from Mad Power Digital’s proven processes.

Paid Advertising

Our certified advertising team creates, manages, and reports on all aspects of paid media campaigns. Our paid media strategies are built to leverage Google, Amazon, Bing, social advertising, ad placements, programmatic, media buys, and others depending on the needs and goals of your marketing initiatives.


Content Marketing

Our data-driven content strategies help you reach your target audience with the help of AI, qualitative research, persona development, and channel distribution strategies. This is all done with a personal approach to your brand, voice, and your audience.


Search Engine Optimization

The fundamentals of SEO are essential to growing traffic and expanding your business. Our SEO services ensure your brand becomes more visible in search engines, without using gimmicks.


Social Media Management

Consumers are reliant on social networks with 74% using it to guide purchase decisions. We help our clients leverage social media channels effectively and prudently.


Design Strategy and Services

Strategy-driven design from videos to landing pages and branding are all in our wheelhouse. Our creative engages and delights while driving your audience towards transaction. We do all of this with accessibility and user experience in mind.

Brand Strategy

A solid brand strategy provides a fresh perspective on your organization and reveals possibilities for growth. Our approach includes brand positioning, brand messaging, brand identity and more.

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